Wedding Attire

These are some samples of the gowns I have altered.

This bridal gown, the bride wasn’t comfortable with the amount of cleavage so I modified the neckline to make it more conservative for her.


This gown the bride liked the idea of not having a panel in the back I was able to convince her she needed something so I designed this especially for her. It still gives privacy to the back of the dress but gave the look she wanted.

These two girls, I hemmed their bridesmaid dresses and they needed their straps adjusted.

This ivory lace and blush gown needed a small let out in the waist, a hem and her train needed to be bustled for the reception.


This gown needed major redo: I had to redo the lace up back, let it out, hem it to her height, sash added under the bust line, as well as reconstructing the bustle of her train.


This gown, the bride and I collaborated on. It was her mother’s dress and we put her own vision into  it. I remove the illusion neckline, the sleeves and the zipper. The neckline was modified, a lace up back put in, small touch up to the hem. I also filled in the empty space of the side seams with the lace appliqués from the sleeves to give it a more up to date appeal. The bustle on the train needed to be adjusted to her height.  She was very happy with the results.


This bride needed the front bust area filled in, she chose the modified sweetheart panel, she had me design it, then I stitched in place. She also needed the bust area let out at the side seams, the straps adjusted and her train bustled for the reception.

This bride needed major alterations: I was able to let it out to fit her by removing the lace appliqués and letting it out at the side seams, once completed the back laced up properly, the appliqués were place back over the side seams. She also required a hem, the train needed a bustle and she had a sash she wanted attached.